Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Steam Punk

So, I had no idea there was such a think as Steam Punk until Sunday.
It's kind of Victorian Era + Fantasy + Steam Energy + Rocker = Steam Punk.
My friend asked me if I would do a photo shoot for her in this style.
Here a just a few of the pics. 

I had never done anything like this, so it was fun to play dress up
and be a little on the angry angsty side. 
I also took a little photo myself. 
I think it is the best one.
What do you think?

Lake Tahoe Part 1

For those of you who have never been to Lake Tahoe
I heartily recommend that you do. 
Here is proof: 

This is at Sand Harbor. 

The  entire lake is surrounded by huge granite rocks
and beautiful pine trees. 
The water is ice cold, but it's still fun to play in.
We went snorkeling, tubing, and wakeboarding. 
Mr. Greg catching some sweet air

Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of me wakeboarding,
but believe me, it happened. 
It may have not been for very long, but it happened. 
I wasn't sure what to do once I got up so I would just let go of the rope.
It freaked me out a bit, OK!!!
I had promised Mr. Greg I would try and try I did.

I prefer the beach.

I was rewarded with a hug and an Oreo shake from the delicious Char Pit.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Since I've been gone

Here is a little taste of what has been going on in 
 the life of Rachie the past two months.


Wasatch Back? Well, I didn't take pictures of actually running, 
but I did get some awesome ones of us going crazy in the car.
Enjoy a selection:

Notice the crazed droll coming from Mr. Greg

more boredom 

 A baby tooth out of a Cheez-It

"I can't take it anymore!!!"

half of our team at the starting line

I wasn't able to finish all of my 21 miles due to a injured I.T. band. 
I was pretty bummed, but there is always next year. 


110 in the Shade? Again, I didn't really take lots of pictures, 
but that doesn't mean I didn't love it.
Awesome show, awesome people, awesome time.

This is Lita and she is tiny.

This is Korianne and she is the bomb.com

This is Hailey and she left us to NYC, but we still love her.

This is Laurel and she is the silliest.

This is Natalie and she is the most stylish.

 This is me with Mr. Marvin Payne and he is the coolest cat in town
(and my crush).

This is me in a Swenson sandwich. Oh, boy!

And this is me with THE Audra McDonald.
Why, oh, why do I have awesome after-wig hair.....

After 110 I took a nice break from life and went to
Lake Tahoe. Stay tuned....